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Learn All About Vietnamese Food

Information about the food of Vietnam.

A Basic Introduction to Vietnamese Food
Article on the "Serious Eats" Web site with introductory information about Vietnamese food. Includes regional dishes, the Chinese and French influence on Vietnamese food, the national dish of Vietnam, two basic elements of Vietnamese Cuisine (rice and fish sauce), herbs and aromatics, sweetened condensed milk, and using fruits as vegetables and desserts.

Wikipedia "Vietnamese Cuisine" Article
Article with information about the food of Vietnam. Includes cultural importance, regional variations, cooking techniques, description of a typical family meal, feast dishes, imperial cuisine, the most popular dishes in Vietnam, condiments, sauces, food colorings, exotic dishes, herbs, spices, beverages, common ingredients, cooking utencils, and historical influences. Related Wikipedia Resources:
- Vietnamese: Dishes - Ingredients - Noodles
- Specialties - Wine
- Basa Fish Type of catfish, Mekong River Delta

Vietnam Travel Vietnamese Food Article
Includes information about favorite Vietnamese foods and a general introduction to the food of Vietnam. Favorite foods in this article include Pho Bo (beef soup), Pho Ga (chicken soup), Saigon Subs (baguette sandwiches), Goi Cuon (Vietnamese spring rolls), Banh Xeo (savory filled crepes), and che (sweet drink with ingredients such as tapioca bubbles, beans, sticky rice, corn, etc).

40 Delicious Vietnamese Dishes
CNN article with desccriptions of dozens of vietnamese dishes.

Sawadee Vietnam Travel Guide: Vietnamese Food
Article on the Sawadee Vietnam Travel Web site with descriptions of many different Vietnamese dishes.

Dining in Vietnam

Culinary Activities in Vietnam

Destinations in Vietnam

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